The next steps with Wasabi Ventures

Today is the final day for 201. I planned on turning in a idea deck to be an EIR but Wasabi has helped me know when I’m ready and when I’m not.

I am a thought leader because I able to apply action that matches the thought. Thought is a key to innovation. Because of my position in the world I’ve always had to adapt and do more with less. Life has taught me resourcefulness and helped me develop instincts for what’s next. Thought leaders understand the social nature behind innovation.

I’m not waiting to start a business! But I am waiting to I develop a bit more before I go full steam. Also giving back to my city so I’m focused.

The course work for 201 helped give me a better understanding of the process behind successful start ups. It helped me ask the questions we often forgot to ask ourselves when we get caught in go mode. The instructors gave great insight on what they look for when considering investing beyond the typical stats. I need to revisit a few fundamental principles in business.

It’s been a learning experience a and I hope to submit an idea deck early 2017!

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