Excerpt from Angela Carroll writer for Bmore Art

Another wall displays the hanging installation “America Eats its Children,” where a spray-painted shark jaw holds fragmented body parts of baby dolls. Directly above it, “The Re-Education” series presents a photograph of a young boy dressed in full graduation regalia from behind as he faces a street of dilapidated homes. Every surreal rendering is juxtaposed with a real portrait and some instances framed printouts of archived FBI documents detailing state sponsored disruption of African American communities and organizations.

Attention Deficit

Harvey complicates and contextualizes disenfranchised communities within a narrative that reveals the historical practices that have destabilized black and brown communities. Each of the photographs maintain a red white and blue theme, a schema that reminds viewers about the communities left out of the American dream.

I swallowed hard, and laughed to myself a bit imagining Trump walking through McCulloh housing projects of West Baltimore which are featured in some of the photographs. Harvey gives life to the segments of America many would rather ignore: the neighborhoods of Baltimore that will never be revitalized. – Angela Carroll for Bmore Art

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