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C. Harvey aka The Creator C is a creator, self taught visual artist and aspiring entrepreneur from Baltimore City. She expresses bold and introspective concepts through various mediums including: apparel, photography, and mixed media art. In 2010, she founded an E-commerce based streetwear apparel brand Generation of Dreamers. The classic streetwear aesthetic and bold social themes have lead to her designs being featured in several cities such as Baltimore, New York, Boston, and LA. Her work has also been featured with international retailers including Uneek Basemnt Japan and Violated Lifestyles UK.

Novemeber 2016, C released held her first solo exhibition at School 33 Art Center. The Re-Education is an introspective analysis of the internal and external conditions that have mis-educated and re-educated the gifted black minds of America.

C is the founder of Baltimore’s Gifted, an Art & Ecommerce initiative for African American youth of Baltimore City showcase and sell their art and art derived apparel & accessories online, in pop up shops, and commercial spaces. The initiative aims to promote economic empowerment while combating exploitation of black youth by nonprofits and white institutions. Learn more at baltimoresgifted.com

C. Harvey is currently a 2016-2017 Baltimore Corps Fellow, Salzburg Young Cultural Innovator Fellow, and Baltimore Social Innovation Fellow.