Open Works Mobile Maker Manager via Baltimore Corps


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August 31, 2017



moblie maker manager c. harvey

As a Baltimore Corps Fellow, I was placed at at startup maker space to develop STEM programming for Baltimore youth. When I interviewed for this position, I did something I had never done before in an interview. I looked them in the eyes and told them “I am guided by my creator and as long as I am never asked to do anything that goes against my core values, everything will be good”. I had no idea what I was in for! I’ll save that part for my forthcoming New York Times Best seller book (speaking it into existence) but what I will share is the experience I had with Baltimore City students. Life changing… I mean that. I was there to teach them STEM principles through digital fabrication technology but they taught me so much more. For now I have to keep this entry short because it will become emotional.

I’ll leave a few pictures here and update with more details in October. The past 15 months have stirred up so many feelings, it’s best if I don’y fully express just yet. I have never cared more about complete strangers than I do for them. I am completely invested in the well being of black youth in Baltimore City.

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