“The Re-Education” Solo Art Exhibition by C. Harvey


Creator, Photography, Product Design


November 15, 2016


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The Re-Education is an exhibition featuring mixed media and sculptural works, photography, and text in an introspective analysis of the internal and external forces that have helped condition the gifted black mind. Exploring the emotional and psychological factors that cause and enforce the poverty mindset, the collection presents a new perspective on the narrative of institutional, social, societal, economic, and generational pathology that lend a hand in perpetuating the misunderstanding and exploitation of the 21st century black in America.

Through the visual language of The Re-Education, C. Harvey intends to break down the barriers of verbal communication between the privileged and the ghetto intellectual; the college educated and the street scholars — a timeline in graphic detail, mapping the mis-education and re-education of America’s brown boys and girls.

C. Harvey (aka The Creator C) is a self taught visual artist and aspiring entrepreneur from Baltimore City. She is currently the owner of Generation of Dreamers; an e-commerce based street wear apparel company, the founder of Baltimore’s Gifted — an art and e-commerce initiative for African American youth in Baltimore City, is both a Baltimore Social Innovation fellow and a Baltimore Corps fellow. As a Corps fellow she is tasked to develop STEM and fabrication programming to local area K-12 students as the Mobile Maker Manager for Open Works.

“Harvey complicates and contextualizes disenfranchised communities within a narrative that reveals the historical practices that have destabilized black and brown communities. Each of the photographs maintain a red white and blue theme, a schema that reminds viewers about the communities left out of the American dream.

I swallowed hard, and laughed to myself a bit imagining Trump walking through McCulloh housing projects of West Baltimore which are featured in some of the photographs. Harvey gives life to the segments of America many would rather ignore: the neighborhoods of Baltimore that will never be revitalized.” – Angela Carroll for Bmore Art

Read the full feature here http://bmoreart.com/2016/11/the-re-education-of-c-harvey.html

*all exhibition photos are not posted

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