Young, Gifted, and Strapped: The Art Collection


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June 19, 2015




Young, Gifted, and Strapped: Art Collection

The Young, Gifted, and Strapped mixed media art collection is meant to serve as language for the soul. The art is a visual representation of the raw emotions that lie in the hearts and minds of Young, Gifted, and Black youth around America. Damaging conditions we face force us to arm ourselves with more than just the mind as a weapon.

The Exhibit

Young, Gifted, and Strapped is a collection of mixed media pieces, photography, and words. These 15 works were originally produced summer 2014. The full collection, including unreleased pieces, will be featured in C. Harvey’s first solo installation exhibit at School 33 beginning Friday, November 25, 2016 and will run until January 21, 2017.

The Vision

This work is an introspective analysis of the current condition of the gifted black mind, the struggle for ownership of our bodies, and the struggle to meet our basic human needs. The collection explores the emotional and psychological effects that cause the poverty symptom. Young, Gifted, and Strapped forces a new perspective and narrative of institutional, social, societal, economic, and generational forces that lend a hand in perpetuating the misunderstanding of the 21st century blacks in America. Most confuse knowledge with understanding. They key difference is only a first hand experience can bring one from simple knowledge into an understanding of any subject matter. Young, Gifted, and Strapped is an emotional experience meant to bring individuals that hold their ideals in tainted knowledge as close to the threshold of poverty that they can reach without the physical experience.

Young, Gifted, and Strapped is a catalyst to provoke progressive engagement between the diverse social groups of Baltimore with chilling imagery and emotionally gripping themes. This visual language is meant to break down verbal communication barriers between the privileged and the ghetto intellectuals. The college educated and the street scholars. This collection is a timeline mapping the mis-education and re-education of America’s brown boys and girls in graphic detail.

The Artist

C. Harvey aka The Creator C is a creator, self taught visual artist and aspiring entrepreneur from Baltimore City. She expresses bold and introspective concepts through various mediums including: apparel, photography, and mixed media art. In 2010, she founded an E-commerce based streetwear apparel brand Generation of Dreamers. The startup company helped her find the perfect intersection between art, social liberation and self expression. The classic streetwear aesthetic and bold social themes have lead to her designs being featured in several cities such as Baltimore, New York, Boston, and LA. Her work has also been featured with international retailers including Uneek Basemnt Japan and Violated Lifestyles UK.

During the summer of 2014, C released her first art collection Young, Gifted, and Strapped. Her art is now serving as a catalyst to Create Your Future, an Art & Ecommerce initiative. The initiative will help African American youth of Baltimore City showcase and sell their art online and art derived apparel & accessories to a global audience and provide access to unknown or untapped community resources. To learn more about the initiative, please visit

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The Young, Gifted, and Strapped mixed media art collection will be the catalyst for C. Harvey’s forthcoming economic & social initiative Create Your Future. The project will provide a digital platform for the youth of Baltimore City to showcase and sell original items globally. Through web sales and additional project features, youth will generate income to meet their basic human needs based on their own creative merit, learn self sufficiency, and economic empowerment.


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